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Trump Dominates Second Debate
Trump dominated the second head-to-head debate on Sunday night. In an effort to detract from the leaked video with the crude talk, Trump held a pre-debate press conference with several Clinton assault victims. In addition, Trump also was joined by the 12 year old rape victim that Hillary was involved with during her law career.
Trump landed many blows to Clinton and the most memorable came when Clinton said she was thankful that Donald Trump was not in charge of law enforcement in this country. Trump responded " because you'd be in jail". This quip was met with applause that seemed to give Trump a boost of confidence that he seemed to ride through the debate.
Trump has effectively absorbed the hit of the leaked video while simultaneously outdebating Hillary and essentially put this issue behind him. While many of the detractors and media figures like Megyn Kelly will attempt to keep the issue alive, the majority of the country recognizes that salacious private conversations are not equivalent to deeds that caused death and led to global turmoil.
The moderators were clearly biased against Donald Trump based on the responses, time allotment and the debating of Martha Raddatz who challenged Trump as if she was a third participant.
With Hillary's poor debate performance coupled with the damaging WikiLeaks information, rumors have surfaced that some Democrats are considering asking her to step down and allow Kaine to lead the ticket.
Michael Martin